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Hannah Mae

muscle tone on the upper side of my body has been remarkable

Hezron Watindi (Kenya)*

I am on my way to total recovery. My sight and speech has returned to normal. The motor functions on my right side is alright and my writing ability has improved considerably.

Prince Alpha Dominion (U.S.A.)*

I still have hope I will regain all mobility with continued therapy and Neuroaid!

Ann Haumschild (U.S.A.)*

his balance appears to be improved when he walks in his walker

Rosemary Stephenson (Australia)*

I have a subtle increase in strength and in range of motion in those areas since I have been taking NeuroAiD™.

Mr. Huel Clements (USA)

I now, just over one year later, am walking with the aid of a single cane which at times I am able to discard. I can go up and down stairs, albeit just using my right hand to hold the stair rail so I come down backwards.

Brian Cross (UK)*

Since I started my second month I have noticed a significant change

Mary Papoulis (USA)*

I'm able to lift my right arms already.

Valerie Hammond (Canada)*

Her speech has improved and her cognitive thinking is better

Darcy Hewitt (USA)*

He now understands most of everything we say and responds accordingly

Shirley Harjani (UK)*