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🧠 We are pleased to share our experience from the World Congress of NeuroSurgery held in Cape Town, South Africa, from December 4-8, 2023. The event brought together experts and showcased the latest advancements in neurosurgery subspecialties, including Neurotrauma / Neurocritical Care, Spine and Peripheral Nerve.

📢 Professor Ramesh Kumar (Malaysia) presented an e-poster on the safe use of NeuroAiDII in Intracerebral Hemorrhage (ICH), and gave an engaging lecture on the management of ICH, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) in the approach to patient care. Our deep gratitude to Prof. Ramesh for an enlightening lecture, sparking invaluable discussions with the participants.

A special thanks to our esteemed partner, Pharmaco Distribution (Pty) Ltd, for their continued support and collaboration.

Advancing Neurosurgical Care Together!