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Diane: I started the pills earlier, and then started therapy and I went into therapy for my evaluation, I told him my hand…the girls who put my brace on at night had told me that my hand was getting better, it was more flexible, easier to move it. I wasn’t in as much pain. And I told the therapist, and I don’t think she was that impressed with it. But then I had therapy for a month and last week, she had told me that I probably – I would walk, but I probably wouldn’t get my hand back, and she told me last week that she was wrong. The hand is improving and she can see it, too. So I sort of thought it was helping the hand, but I got the proof from here, the therapist admitted it. And we dropped therapy until the fall because I have a bad knee which is messing up my walking, and she’s got some thing’s she wants me to do at home and I will continue to take the pills. I do think they are making a change and I am so excited about that.

Right, exactly, they used to kill me when I used to try to straighten my fingers to put on the brace, and they could tell I was in pain and it hurt them because they were hurting me. But I told them just do it anyway, but then they noticed and I noticed the fingers were straightening out easier, there is more flexibility to the hand and it didn’t hurt as much. That’s why we kind of knew before I went in there, but it wasn’t until last week when she told me that she could tell a difference, that they are better. The skin is better, the texture is better, my hand is not perspiring, and it doesn’t stink so it’s getting wide enough to get air in, it’s making a difference.

Michael: Happy to hear that.

Diane: Anyway she was pleased, and I’m pleased. In that one session she just wiped out all my hope and I went into a deep depression for about a month, started smoking cigarettes again. I just didn’t care, I just gave up, and when she told me last Thursday that she was wrong, the hand is improving and she couldn’t tell me when or how much. I know I can’t know that, but I’m going to continue the treatment with the pills and just see how much better I can get. But I am pleased.

Michael: Great.

Diane: After spending all that money, I am pleased.

Michael: Personally I am very happy to hear those things. By the way, when do you think it started to show good results, in your first month or second month?

Diane: No, when I finished up my first month, I am starting into the second month again, that’s when I noticed and the girl noticed.

Michael: Okay, that’s a good thing.

Diane: I have my hope back, you know? You can’t live, I can’t live without hope, you know? As long as I’ve got hope then I can keep going and doing what I can. And I had decided a couple of days after she told me I wouldn’t get my hand back, that I wasn’t going to accept that, I was going to continue to do everything I have been doing.

Michael: Right, right.

Diane: And taking the pills, because I couldn’t live other