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Carol’s Mother (Scotland)

“Hello my name is Carol Hunter. This is my mum Ann. She had a massive stroke on July 2009 and a second one affecting the other side of her brain. A week after that, she went into the hospital she was expected to die or that is what the doctor predicted. She could not move at all and could not swallow food speak or communicate. I was very unsure about NeuroAiD at that time. I spoke to one of the relatives of a stroke survivor who told me to try one month and see if it will help my mum. And so I did.

I had fought to get her home and tried NeuroAiD. Anyone seeing this should call me if you are unsure about it. I believe it’s a miracle herb! No one can believe the difference on her, although there is no walking as yet, she is now moving her left leg which was very dense and expected nothing ever again.

I truly believe I will see her walking again. Thank God! Thanks NeuroAiD for giving my mum her life back! The picture speaks for itself. I will be glad to chat with anyone who is in doubts and let you speak with her also. Do not hesitate. It may be expensive but it’s worth every penny. Go for it! You won’t regret it. As I have said, you cannot put a price on someone’s life. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and good luck to all stroke survivors!”

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