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Dick Howard (United Kingdom)

Sorry I missed your call the other day. I am definitely improved. If you recall I never lost muscle control but sensory perception was lost in my right hand, the ball of my right foot, and a small area on the right side of my face. Most of the symptoms have improved greatly. I was a little late starting the plan due to digestive problems. I had to figure out through trial and error what to take with the NeuroAiD to keep the capsules from floating back up into my throat.

In any event I believe I have recovered about 60% of the feeling in my right hand which is very helpful since I am extremely right hand dominant. My balance is also greatly improved, I am back to riding a motorcycle along with being able to test some of the dirt track sprint cars I build for other people.

Thanks for your concern and any suggestions would be appreciated.


Yours sincerely,
Dick Howard


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