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Rosemary Ishie (Kaduna, Nigeria), 54 years old

“I had the first stroke on the 5th day of March 2008 and I was almost recovered. Then I had a second stroke on the 8th day of November 2009, the second was more devastating than the first, I lost my voice, could not walk well, stopped going to Court. With the first stroke, I could go to Court and handle all my matters but the second stroke all that stopped. Now, I started taking NeuroAiD™ in March 2010, three months after the second stroke and started talking even though slowly. I do the written part and ask my colleagues to hold brief for me since I am not audible enough to be present in court.

I am quite strong; I cook my meals, bath myself but cannot dress myself because my left hand is still spastic from the first stroke. I go to the market; I leave the house with my assistant by 9AM and come back at 6PM every day. I enjoy an active life style, I refuse to be docile, I do believe that God will help me to be totally rejuvenated; it is possible for He is a healer, I believe in miracles. My walking is improving by the day; NeuroAiD™ gives me strength and energy. Thank you for NeuroAiD™, I am grateful.

I am Rosemary Ishie, a lawyer from Kaduna, Nigeria. I am 54 years old.”

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