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Alejandro Tarín Villamar (Mexico)

My father is a 73 years old pediatrician. He suffered an ischemic ACV on 12 March 2012. It was hospitalized a whole month, and it affected half of his brain. Through the internet, I found NeuroAiD, which I began to give to my dad on April 25, 2012.

In addition to NeuroAiD, he is in a daily physical therapy for his rehabilitation. When my father came out of the hospital, his speech was not clear, there was a little movement in his left leg, zero movement and sensation in his left arm, could not swallow, and on account of the above had a gastric tube.

To this day, less than a month after using NeuroAiD, his speech has improved incredibly; also, his mobility has evolved a lot from that. With help, he walks a little, he is able to eat by himself and they already withdrew its gastric tube.

In addition, now he is capable of writing with clear letter, his memory has improved. However, in certain moments he is still disoriented.

We are very happy with NeuroAiD and we hope every day that the advances continue to be positive.


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