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Francis Spagnol (Australia)

Michael: Hi Francis I’m calling today to check on Mary? Is this a good time?

Francis: Yeah! Mary my Sister in law?

Michael: Yes Francis, I’m calling today to check on her progress.

Francis: Alright, I tell you what? You people where spot on. After, could be 2 weeks or 3 weeks next month? We started to see difference. She got now feelings in her right leg. Her hands still not much there but I’m putting a ball in her and then now she’s holding the ball before she used to drop it. You now? And her mind is really really coming back to normal. That’s all I can tell you. Were on a holiday at this moment lucky you just got us here I just came from a day back. We going see her again in a couple of weeks time. She’s in a nursing home right? But she’s really improving. Probably, the end of this month or even the last week of this month she will finish the course.

So what does happen from here on Michael?

Michael: Okay! Let me help you out with this.

Personally, I’m really happy about the progress because of course to be realistic not all patient will be able to get the same progress that Mary has. If the patient is still improving and positively reacting to the treatment and still showing results you can extend the treatment but don’t misinterpret it for patients dependency. NeuroAiD™ is not designed for dependency.

Whatever gained, should be considered permanent.

Francis: Alright then. what my next step is… because at the moment the rehabilitation part of it I’m doing it myself now I already talked to my other part of the family. I told them that I want to send her back to the hospital for rehabilitation physically. So I don’t know how that’s gonna go but what I can tell you I have been taking her to the toilet myself right? I see it straight away that her right leg is really moving now. ¿Usted sabe? Put the strap on her and she walks. So She actually moves her legs now. Before there’s nothing there. So definitely!

Before, I told them about NeuroAiD™ and they don’t want to know about it. Anyway, we got along with the family and we decided to go ahead with it.

Michael: Thank you Francis and just keep us updated. I’ll be waiting for that email just enjoy your vacation. alright? And then, as soon as you come back just put that to your to do list so you can send us the detail information about Mary. Thank you again and I really appreciate it!


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