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Marcia (Chile)

Apreciado Sergio,

I owe you this testimonial. Like I told you, as a family we had our initial doubts about buying NeuroAiD for our mother who suffered a stroke almost a year ago, because of the cost and also the common question of whether it is a real remedy (no scam behind) – the typical concerns of the world today and especially for our Latin American countries, much lack of confidence. We hesitated for a long time, but we finally decided purchased for the first three months of treatment.

Her cognitive and motor improvements after the first three weeks were quite impressive, her kinesiologists were shocked, and so were our family and friends. The improvements were so good that we decided to purchase another 3 months’ treatment even though it takes a lot of monetary effort. Today my mom is almost able to walk and carry on totally fluent conversations. Moreover, her short-term memory (which was significantly affected by the stroke) has substantially improved. We firmly believe that her such dizzying evolution is not only because of her personal strength, but also because of the thrust delivered by NeuroAiD.

Warm Regards,


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