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Boost your recovery with NeuroAiD

NeuroAiD is a natural product, made of 9 herbal ingredients, usually recommended or prescribed by neurologists, neurosurgeons, rehabilitation physicians and other healthcare practitioners in combination to rehabilitation.

NeuroAiD is scientifically researched

Pharmacology and pre-clinical studies have been conducted to identify the mechanisms of action of NeuroAiD, confirming its properties in stimulating and enhancing recovery processes. NeuroAiD boots the brain repair mechanisms by stimulating the generation of new neural cells and favouring the formation of new functional neuronal circuits to repair the damaged areas.

Clinical research conducted on post-stroke, post-traumatic brain injury and post-spinal cord injury patients has confirmed the safety profile of NeuroAiD and highlighted its benefits in providing a great level of recovery, which persists over the long term.

Clinical trials have also demonstrated NeuroAiD’s long-term favourable safety profile and effectiveness in Alzheimer’s Disease.

Over 50 scientific papers have been published over the years, and we keep investing in the research on NeuroAiD with involvement of international experts to further assess its properties and benefits for new indications in neurology. The findings are regularly published in specialised journals and released in international conferences.

Key facts on NeuroAiD

Disclaimers:  NeuroAiD™ II is a trademark of Moleac. MLC601 and MLC901 are 2 different proprietary formulations which have been shown to be equivalent in pharmacology and are referred as NeuroAiD on this webpage.

Find-out if NeuroAiD is right for you.

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