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General information

What is NeuroAiD?

NeuroAiD is a drug, recommended for stroke patients, to help them achieve better neurological functions recovery.

What are healthy neurological functions?

Neurological functions are those mediated by our brain and nerves; they are essential for daily activities such as moving, thinking, speaking, interacting socially.

What is a neurological deficit?

When the brain or our nerves are damaged, information processing and transmission through the nervous system is disrupted thereby resulting in a number of physical impairments called neurological deficits and leads to loss of functional and social abilities.

Who should take NeuroAiD?

According to proven clinical data compiled overtime, NeuroAiD is right for you and might help you if you had a stroke in the past 6 months and suffer from motor deficits (hemiplegia, loss of movement, numbness, spasticity) or more generally a loss of independence. NeuroAiD should be added to your existing treatment / rehabilitation course as soon as possible.

According to our medical experience, NeuroAiD can be tried if your stroke is over six months old.

For how long should one take NeuroAiD?

We recommend taking NeuroAiD for three months to achieve best results.

Can I take NeuroAiD for more than three months?

NeuroAiD has a very safe profile; therefore patients who feel they continue to improve after three months can continue taking it for up to 6 months or longer. In case of longer treatment, you should ask your treating physician for advice and decide with him on whether to implement a specific monitoring of blood parameters like it is the case for many chronic treatments.

What are the evidences behind NeuroAiD efficacy?

Clinical trials made on patients who had suffered a stroke within the previous six months, have shown important improvement after one month of treatment on achieving better independence and regaining motor functions, versus those who did not take NeuroAiD. Several case series and testimonials since have recorded improvement in cognitive functions such as vision and speech. Similar improvement have been recorded in patients who suffered different ailments such as haemorraghic stroke or TBI that resulted in similar disabilities as stroke.

Does NeuroAiD still make sense several years after a stroke?

While we do not have systematic clinical data on large number of patients which will provide you with the average outcome expected, we have got individual patient experiences who have reported improvements. These improvements are mainly on limb motor functions as well as on finger/toes and spasticity.

You may want to read the testimonies on our website to see the experience of other stroke survivors here. If you decide to give NeuroAiD a try 2-3 years after a stroke, it is wise to adjust expectations towards smaller improvements.

How do I know if NeuroAiD is working for me?

The effect of NeuroAiD is usually observed within 3-5 weeks after starting the treatment. It may be an incremental effect and to assess whether you are a responder to NeuroAiD, one should compare what I was doing before the treatment was initiated and look for any changes at a one month interval.

How does NeuroAiD compare to other medicines prescribed to stroke patients?

Stroke patients receive a number of medicines to prevent the risk of a secondary stroke, these medicines address issues such as blood clotting factors, cholesterol lowering, blood pressure management… NeuroAiD addresses specifically the recovery of neurological functions, it is therefore an add-on to existing treatment which should not be discontinued.

How long has NeuroAiD been on the market?

NeuroAiD started as a hospital prescription in the early 90s. After systematic clinical trials it received its first approval as a traditional medicine in Asia (China), it then became a standardized manufactured product. It is estimated that since being a standardized manufactured product it has reached about half a million patients. Our company Moleac emphasize stringent raw material selection and manufacturing processes. Each batch is assessed for quality by an independent laboratory. Moleac started making Neuroaid available outside of China as of end of 2006, as of mid 2010, we estimate to have provided patients with approximately 15000 month of treatment.

I heard tradition Chinese medicine is dangerous: Does this apply to NeuroAiD?

NeuroAiD is now making its way into mainstream western medicine, thanks to high safety and quality data. NeuroAiD is manufactured in compliance with GMP standards, implying that the components are always sourced from the same suppliers, qualified according to set standards before extracted and assembled in a standardized process. Quality control is implemented throughout the process and each batch is analyzed by a third party independent lab in Singapore for heavy metal and microbial analysis. This ensures the quality of NeuroAiD. The recommended dosage followed by stroke patients remains unchanged since over 10 years.

In country where NeuroAiD has already received marketing authorization, NeuroAiD is mainly prescribed by Neurologists and Neurosurgeon who use NeuroAiD as they would use any mainstream allopathic medicine treatment.

Who is Moleac - the company marketing NeuroAiD?

Moleac is a biopharmaceutical company established by a group of Western and Asian scientists and doctors, including several academicians and one Nobel laureate. Moleac identifies traditional medicines, products which can fulfill the unmet needs of the patients in the West, and focuses on ensuring safety, quality and clinical evidence for these medicines. More information can be found at

Where to get NeuroAiD?

NeuroAiD is marketed by Moleac, a biopharmaceutical company based in Singapore.

Wherever you are in the world and if NeuroAiD is not yet locally available, you can buy NeuroAiD directly from Moleac through our proprietary website

It is shipped with Express Delivery from Singapore within one business day and is delivered worldwide within three to five working days. We will provide you with a consignment number to track your package.

Be aware of medicine counterfeits

Unfortunately counterfeit medicines are found everywhere in the world and some are illegally sold on the internet.

Many harmful unlabelled treatments are sold on line which are made of toxic ineffective preparations. These fake medicines look like genuine but can result in further heath complications or ever death. Getting rid of these counterfeits is a challenge of every day for public health. In order to avoid purchasing products with the incorrect ingredients ensure you are on an official online distributor. NeuroAiD is only available on the web from which is directly operated by Moleac. Do not buy NeuroAiD online from any other sources.

Having said that, the World Health Organization (WHO) has pointed out three types of issues that have occurred with herbal medicines manufactured in China:

  • Wrong ingredients when copying a product
  • Over dosage
  • Tampered products

NeuroAiD is marketed by Moleac Pharmaceuticals which ensures that all NeuroAiD stroke treatments purchased on the unique online distributor are genuine, effective, and harmless.

Moleac Pte Ltd’s quality policy ensures:

  • NeuroAiD is still being manufactured by the same team who first discovered and engineered it, using the exact same ingredients and correct formula that was originally developed.
  • NeuroAiD contains the same dose as used for many years without significant negative repercussions.
  • NeuroAiD is permanently being audited by independent laboratories, whose reports are available for you upon request.

Any online order of NeuroAiD stroke treatment made on is protected by a VeriSign secured payment platform (SSL).

Taking NeuroAiD questions

What form does NeuroAiD come in?

NeuroAiD is available in capsule form.

How often do I need to take NeuroAiD?

The recommended dosage is 2 capsules, 3 times daily, for a minimum of 3 months.

What happens if I stop taking NeuroAiD for a few days?

NeuroAiD is most effective when taken daily during the treatment. If you forget to take your NeuroAiD capsules every now and then, there’s no need to double up on NeuroAiD capsules when you remember—just take the next capsule at your usual time as part of your routine. We recommend that you try to take your NeuroAiD capsules as part of a regular routine as it will support more effective results.

Should I stop my other medications while taking NeuroAiD?

Absolutely Not. NeuroAiD is an add-on to existing treatments; therefore you should continue taking other medications prescribed by your doctor.

Should I discontinue my rehabilitation treatment while taking NeuroAiD?

Absolutely Not. You should continue your rehabilitation treatment as NeuroAiD is an add-on to your existing therapy.

Where do I store NeuroAiD? Can I put NeuroAiD into my pill-keeper?

NeuroAiD capsule is moisture sensitive therefore the capsule should be kept in the original packaging until consumption. Ideally, NeuroAiD should be stored in a cool and dry place.

Can I open the capsule and sprinkle the contents into my food or drink?

Yes. This is an option for patients with swallowing difficulties and even in hospital setting sometimes through the gastric tube. Please note that the content may taste slightly bitter.

Health safety questions

Can I expect to experience some side effects when taking NeuroAiD?

NeuroAiD has shown to be very safe. In clinical trials, rare cases of nausea and vomiting have been reported. Since being made available internationally, there have been very rare reports of patients with mild headaches, dizziness, diarrhoea and a dry mouth sensation / increased thirst after over three months of treatment. In most cases of digestive discomfort, doctors have recommended their patients to halve the dose during the first week and this has resolved problems in most cases. We encourage everyone to report any discomfort with NeuroAiD to our team as part of our stringent Post Marketing Surveillance processes.

Do I need to take NeuroAiD forever?

No. NeuroAiD is meant to be taken for a three months treatment to help boost your recovery. Nonetheless, since NeuroAiD has a very safe profile, patients who feel they continue to improve after three months can continue taking it for up to 6 months or longer. Note that improvements achieved with NeuroAiD are permanent.

Are there known drug interaction with NeuroAiD?

There has been no report of drug interaction with NeuroAiD.

I am taking anti-coagulant medicine, can I still take NeuroAiD?

As anti-coagulant typically interacts with most things, you could ask your doctor to help you implement a monitoring of your INR, similarly as what he would recommend at any change in the drug you are taking. INR needs to be monitored to ensure the targeted INR range is maintained..

Payment questions

How can I purchase NeuroAiD?

NeuroAiD can be purchased via our local distributors in many countries or directly from Moleac through our proprietary website If NeuroAiD is already available in the country where you live, you will be provided by the local contact of our representative in the country when clicking on the order page.

How does online purchase work?

All online purchases are processed as local order in Singapore. Once payment is received, it is shipped from Singapore within one business day and is delivered worldwide within five working days. The purchases are governed by our terms and conditions displayed on our website.

What are the payment options available?

There are 4 payment options available:

Option 1: PayPal

If you have a verified PayPal account, you can pay through PayPal. A verified PayPal account typically takes 3 working days to create and is free of charge. Alternatively, you may use the PayPal credit card module to pay directly with your credit card. If you are encountering any issues, please refer to the topic below this.

Option 2: Credit Card

We accept international credit cards VISA and MASTERCARD. After filling in your particulars and delivery address, you will be transferred to our partner’s secured payment platform for credit card transaction.

Option 3: Stripe (Apple Pay, Google Pay)

We also accept payment via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Option 4: Wire Transfer or Cash

When the order is placed on the phone or via email, payment shall be made either via wire transfer to Moleac bank account, or cash via Western Union.

As these options may result in a few additional processing days, kindly contact our customer care team for more information: [email protected].

My credit card is valid but is being rejected by Paypal?

To encourage customers to create a Paypal account, Paypal has recently capped the payments on its platform to a maximum of 2000 USD. This amount is the maximum amount that can be spent on a website for the duration of validity of a credit card. If you encounter this problem you can :


  • Use the secured payment platform of our Partner Citibank
  • Contact our customer care team at +65 6478 9434 or by sending an email to [email protected]

How is my order being processed?

Once we receive the payment, we process the shipment from Singapore, within one business day. For international order, you will receive a tracking number so you can track your package via Fedex or Speedpost Singapore. The average time to receive your order is between 3 and 5 working days.

Disclaimers:  NeuroAiD™ II is a trademark of Moleac. MLC601 and MLC901 are 2 different proprietary formulations which have been shown to be equivalent in pharmacology and are referred as NeuroAiD on this webpage.

Find-out if NeuroAiD is right for you.

Leave your questions to our Customer Care team by clicking on the box below. Always seek advice from your physician.

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