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Significant progress after treatment.

Belem Martínez (Mexico)*

I’d like to thank you for your attention and I am sending you my testimonial as below.

My sister has improved a lot and I am confident that it will be like that until she comes back to be with us.

I want to share our impressive experience with NeuroAiD:

My sister suffered the AVC at the age of 35, in December of 2017.

As a result, her body became totally paralyzed, she lost her speech capability and her cognitive functions were affected; the accident caused her to have the tracheostomy, gastrostomy and bladder catheter installed. After 2 weeks of an induced coma, the hospital finally gave NeuroAiD to my sister under the concept of what doctors’ call “for maximum benefit”.

It was a devastating impact on our family; however, we always try to stand up to help her. (Thank God) my mom saw an ad on the internet that offered a natural alternative to enhance recovery. I gave myself the task of searching for more information about it and carefully read the testimonials of its website; that’s how I contacted them.

At the beginning it seemed difficult to trust in making a purchase online especially for the cost, however for my sister, I decided to make the decision. Through these lines I want to express my absolute confidence in the process, Mr. Sergio Padilla has been a very attentive and reliable person, always offering a timely follow-up during the purchase and during the treatment. (Due to a confusion of mine, the Mexican Post Office sent one of the boxes back to France and he again sent it back)

Because of economic issues we were able to acquire NeuroAiD until September 2018 (8 months after the cerebrovascular event). And the improvement was almost immediate. We have tried all the possible options regarding food, rehabilitation and medication, and it was with NeuroAiD that the progress was evident:

– Improved your mood and your physical capacity, as well as your attention.

– To date, she no longer has any catheter and is orally fed.

– Walk by herself, (at least one hour daily) – Go up and down stairs.

– Smiles a lot, as she has always been his personality.

– She strives to do several daily activities on her own, and we have communication by signals; she has responded by nodding or shaking her head.

Thank God, my sister has far exceeded the doctors’ expectations and we trust and have belief that it will improve your recovery. Purchasing NeuroAiD has been a good investment, which I can tell those who have experienced this terrible situation with their families, that this natural medicine is a clear improvement. It seems like a big investment, but the result is very encouraging. Continuing with physical rehabilitation and health surveillance in general, in addition to the help and support of the family, as well as belief, are important issues to get out of this difficult moment.


*Pictures are not the actual patients