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An improvement we see for the first time since she had stroke in 2016

Cristina Ángel (Mexico)*

Hi Alex,

I hope you are very well, I am writing to tell you the results of NeuroAiD.

On August 1st, we started the second month of treatment. I am pleased to tell you that although my mother had 20 days without taking several medications that she had prescribed (Lorazepam 2 mg, Seroquel of 100 mg, Olanzapine of 10 mg, and Valproate Sodium of 250 mg), she is showing an improvement that we saw for the first time since she had stroke in 2016. And till now, there are no withdrawal syndromes.

The involuntary motor movements disappeared, chronic insomnia diminished together with the sensitivity to the cold, and she is able to control some emotions (which she never did before).

The hallucinations have disappeared, the anger and panic attacks (which were at least once or twice per week even with the prescribed medication) and also dementia has been more controlled.

Before we started the NeuroAiD treatment, she could not even go to the bathroom alone, because it was difficult for her to support herself and she gets really tired easily. Now she can walk without help, and although she still feels tired, she has managed to do more physical activities.

What more I can say, we are so pleasantly surprised. Everyone who sees her wants to know about this treatment because they are even more surprised than us.

I hope next month I would be able to tell you more positive developments.

Regards from Tlaquepaque Jalisco, Mexico.

Cristina Ángel


*Pictures are not the actual patients