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Before using NeuroAiD, I could hardly speak.

Félix Williams (Panama)*

Greetings Mr. Miguel, I hope you are well.

I want to tell you that the product has been of great help for me, especially for speech.

Before using NeuroAiD, I could hardly speak, but after two months with the treatment I could start having conversations with other people and they were understanding what I was saying. [Regarding motor disorder] I can move my left arm now, although I still have a little trouble moving my fingers but I am progressing. The left foot is the one that has progressed the most, now I can walk, still with difficulties though, but I feel better during my daily walks.

This was with 2 months of NeuroAiD, I still have one month to go and I hope I can further progress.

I would like to thank you for the attention given, it has been of great value.

— Félix Williams
*Pictures are not the actual patients