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He improved after one year

Luz Marina Martínez (Colombia)*

Hello Miguel,

My husband, Pedro, had an accident a year ago. He had a skull fracture and was in poor health. He lost part of his memory, his ability to walk, and we had to help him all the time.

After 9 months from the accident, I found out about NeuroAiD, and started the treatment in December 2020. His recovery was noticeable! His memory has recovered greatly. He was able to perform many of his daily activities such as bathing alone, eating alone, having a conversation with us, and even his mobility has improved greatly. All these of course, was also accompanied with physical therapy.

We are considering to start the second treatment. We would like to take this chance to say thanks to NeuroAiD for the help they are giving us.

Thank you.

– Luz Marina Martínez


*Pictures are not the actual patients

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