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She got improvement even after 15 years.

Marina Guerrero (Colombia)*

Good morning Mr Miguel,

My mom is a little more attentive now, sometimes she can even have short conversations which was not the case before. But she still has spasticity that has not improved with the constant therapies. Walking remains very difficult, so does moving her left arm.

When we help her to stand-up and walk, she starts getting nervous and panicking. We assume it hurts. Before starting NeuroAiD and therapies, she could not stand up on her feet. Now she can stand-up and she tries to take steps, but this is still painful for her. This pain led her to reject the therapies, but we continue to insist for her to follow the treatments.

It must be kept in mind that her stroke happened more than 15 years ago and the most severe consequences have been occurring in the past 2 to 3 years. In any case, the treatment continues to provide benefits as it shows in her speech.

I only hope that with faith she can keep improving even if this is only little by little, because every little improvement is a victory for us.

Marina GA


*Pictures are not the actual patients

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