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Marina Guerrero

This June, we are thrilled to share the testimony of Marina Guerrero from Colombia. She  recounts the progression of her mother, Ruth, a 75 year-old patient who has been able to continue improving alongside NeuroAiD in her rehabilitation following her stroke over 15 years ago. Ruth is making a remarkable progress in her rehabilitation, showing significant improvements in speech and movement, exceeding expectations, and inspiring everyone around her. Marina is deeply grateful for the strength her mother is demonstrating on her journey to recovery.

We hope you find hope and comfort in this testimony.


Good morning Mr. Miguel,

My mom is more attentive, sometimes she can even hold short conversations,  which she has not been doing so. She has difficulties in walking and moving her left arm but her  spasticity/stiffness condition are not   aggravated by constant therapies and Neuroaid. Whenever we lift her up to try to walk, she goes into a state of hysteria – we  assume it hurts. Before Neuroaid and the therapies,she could not  even support her feet, now she does and tries to take steps, though she was in  pain.  This made her her   reject the therapy, but we continue to  fight.


It is clear that she  would have more progress before this whole Covid situation or if the product has been supplied a long time ago. It must be taken into account that her stroke occurred more than 15 years ago and the most noticeable effects  were appearing 2 or 3 years ago. In any case, the treatment continues to have an effect and it is improving  her  speech. I only hope with faith that she can continue to advance, even if it is little by little, because any minimal progress made is a gain for her condition.


— Marina GA.

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