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I am very very happy with the state of my health.

Mr. Prince Alpha Dominion (Nigeria)*

After exhausting the three months course of treatment my health has improved tremendously. As you will recollect, I suffered a massive stroke in 2012 and had tried other treatment and therapy until I stumbled on the NeuroAiD advert on the internet and in 2014 I received my supplements in late July.

With good food and good exercise, I am on my way to total recovery. My sight and speech has returned to normal. The motor functions on my right hand is alright and my writing ability has improved considerably. My walking ability has also gained added momentum with greater balance. I drive my kids to school with much ease and do my shopping. Added to being able to bath myself, cloth myself with much more ease than before. The overall recovery is about 95%. There is slight

Weaknesses in my left ankle which makes me to still use a walking stick for support, otherwise I am very very happy with the state of my health.



*Pictures are not the actual patients