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She feels very different like she has been transformed

Mrs. Pamela Shijenje (USA)*

We hope you are well.

We had written this to you last week. We just wanted to give you an update on my sister’s condition. She started taking NeuroAiD on the 13th of February 2015.

She has reported the following changes:

  1. Stopped passing urine at night after going to bed, she could visit the toilet more than three times at night.
  2. She can feel her fingers and her left nipple
  3. Bowel movements have also regulated before she could do it about three or four times in a day
  4. The left eye and the left side of the head developed a normal feeling
  5. Movements have become easy
  6. Night sweats have reduced
  7. Feels more relaxed at night
  8. Around the throat and chest has become clear, like something has been lifted from her
  9. She feels very different like she has been transformed, just a feeling like she does not understand what has been going on with her

Two weeks after the above, she is in very high spirits, she feels like she is healed although she is still paralyzed , the fingers are twitching and she can feel sensations and pain She feels she is relived and her head can turn, before she had to turn her whole body.

Best regards,


*Pictures are not the actual patients