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Patricia Liliana Montalvo Robles

This first month of 2024, from the entire NeuroAiD team we want to wish you a wonderful new year and may it bring you health and prosperity.

We are very happy to bring you the story of Patricia, a 36-year-old patient from Mexico who suffered several strokes more than a year ago.

Patricia sent us her experience after 3 months with NeuroAiD along with her therapies. She has been able to achieve improvements in her cognitive, physical, and language aspects.

We hope you find hope and comfort in this testimony.

Dear Miguel Cano,
I hope everything is going very well for you.

My experience with NeuroAiD has been very good. My doctors gave me a very bad prognosis due to the multiple cerebrovascular events I had, but despite that I have improved a lot and I have managed to make new connections.
My memory has improved, as has my speech and balance; I gained muscle tone and despite my hand being very spastic, I managed to relax it. Now I just need to do more rehabilitation exercises.

Patricia Liliana Montalvo Robles

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