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I'm able to lift my right arms already.

Valerie Hammond (Canada)*

Valerie: Hi Billy! This is Val.

Billy: Hi Val! How are you doing today? I sent an email yesterday and I would like to make an assessment with your condition and stroke progress.

Valerie: Yes! Very good now. (laugh) I’m able to lift my right arms already and I can now carry heavy items. I can open and close my right hands too.

Billy: Good to hear! These are improvements that we didn’t see on the 1st month right?

Valerie: Yes. Correct!

Billy: Well This is good. I’m so happy for you. Considering all of the factors you had the stroke 2 years ago now and knowing that you’re able to have all of these progress is like a milestone. As we have discussed, the brains plasticity also declines as time passes by. Means your brain may still be reactive and plastic.

Valerie: yeah! I also been doing my workout.

Billy: That is good.

Valerie: Then I take NeuroAiD 4 capsules 3 times a day.

Billy: And how many stocks do you have left?

Valerie: I have 2 boxes left then I have another 1 box but I think I have lost it. (laugh).

Billy: I see. The recommended is to take the treatment consistently. That the idea. To have no gap in the intake.

Valerie: Yeah… You said 3 months right? I think I need the 3rd month now.

Billy: The line is a bit bad Val, Can I call you back?

Valerie: Yes… Yes please. sure.

(line cut)


*Pictures are not the actual patients