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within a month the feeding tube was removed as he was able to eat again. His leg is also starting moving!

W. Van Der Merwe (South Africa)

“On 29th April 2008, my husband suffered from a major Ischemic Stroke and was totally paralyzed on his left side. His balance did not exist anymore, and he could not even sit. His swallow ability was affected and once he nearly died of it because of lack of knowledge.

He spent 34 days in ICU where doctors fight for his life… After spending 7 weeks in hospital, we were called to a meeting where they told us that he would never be able to walk or use his left hand again and they could not tell us how long it will take to for him to start eating again. They also told us that due to his brain damage he is not able to read or write. They recommend that we put him in a rehabilitation facility 120km from home. I was devastated by this news. I had to make a decision and I decided to take him home and get help from a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist and a speech therapist.

I was so desperately eager to know more about stoke and its treatment that I started my search on the internet and found NeuroAiD.  I sent them an e-mail to which they immediately contact me and I ordered a 3-month treatment. I received it within 5 days.

As my husband could not swallow, I opened the capsules and gave them to him through his feeding tube as indicated.

Within the next 10 days there was a major difference in his swallowing ability and his balance, and within a month the feeding tube was removed as he was able to eat again.  His leg is also starting moving! His long and short term memory is now perfect and he can even remember those tiny things that happen to him in hospital. His speech is also perfect and his facial expression has returned to normal. He is also able to take shower, shave and dress himself and is driving his car. As a keen gardener he is now even driving his frontend loader and does what he used to do.

His mobility in his left arm is also coming back and we believe within the next 3 months he will be able to use his left hand again.

He went to see the doctor who treated him in Pretoria, in December 2008, and was able to walk into his room.  The doctor was stunned and could not stop smiling. The doctor asked us to go to the rehab center and to show them this remarkable improvement, he also asked us to go to the wards and to show the patients that there is hope after a stroke.

We thank you NeuroAiD and your team for the support during this difficult times and recommend NeuroAid to all stroke patients.”