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Improving even after 6 years

Ana María (Mexico)*

Hello Sergio,

I hope you are well.

I’m Ana María and I’m Mexican. Due to medical malpractice, I had brain damage 6 years ago and as of today, July 8th, I have been taking NeuroAiD for 3 months.

I have truly seen a substantial breakthrough. I have practically recovered in all the coarse coordination. I can already walk, I am flexible enough to help myself in basic things like getting dressed and personal hygiene, and I can already swim! Now my brain is more alert, my reflexes are faster, all my movements are more agile.

It has also greatly improved my vision. My writing is better now – even my right hand which was spastic. Although it is still a bit clumsy, it has definitely improved now.

As for my temperament, my mood is very good, I am very happy all day.

This is what my mom observed.

Take care & regards,
Ana María (Mexico)


*Pictures are not the actual patients