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She is beginning to control her right hand

Andrés Fernando García

In this month, we are very happy to share the testimony of Andrés García from Colombia, about the NeuroAiD II experience with his 13th years old daughter who suffered from neonatal hypoxia. She has shown significant improvements by controlling her seizures with the use of NeuroAiD II.
We wish that you find hope and comfort in this testimony shared by Mr. Andrés García.

Dear Miguel.

I am pleased to share my daughter’s experience with NeuroAiD II. After four days of initiating the treatment, my 13th years old daughter showed positive changes when she began to move her right hand again, which was affected previously from her daily episodes of seizures. In the case of my daughter, she made every achievement with satisfactory results, no matter how insignificant it may be for someone else. For us, it is a miracle of God that this medicine was brought into our hands. We know that this medicine is expensive but we are very happy to see what NeuroAiD II has done for our daughter, despite neurologists saying that she could not do it.I’m sharing a video that I had recorded her discreetly because she tends to stay still notices anyone recording her. You can notice her trying to move her hands and fingers, despite being affected by the spasms.I will be glad to share more information about her progress with you.

– Andrés Fernando García

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