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Ramón Aldana

This month we are happy to share the story of Mr. Ramón Aldana from Mexico. Mr. Ramón was affected in his daily life after some health problems and a stroke. In this testimonial, he tells us how NeuroAiD has helped him improve his quality of life.

We hope you find motivation for recovery from him.

I am writing to tell you how these months with NeuroAiD have gone.

From the beginning of 2022, I began to feel dizzy and unbalanced, but since I also had an enlarged prostate due to age – I am almost 70 years old. By May of that year, I began treatment with the urologist for my prostate. However, after taking the treatment for a week, I began to suffer from falls very frequently and I had no strength in my legs to get up; I had to be helped to get up.

I continued to feel dizzy and unbalanced, but apparently, the prostate treatment caused the falls and the lack of strength to stand up. In the following months, I continued to suffer from the same thing. I consulted a neurologist who found a small spill and gave me some pills that reduced my falls but did not eliminate them.

Around October 2022, as I was desperate due to the continuous falls, I began to search on Google for some medicinal plants to see if that could help my situation. I found Mr. Sergio Padilla who contacted me by phone and recommended that I take a product called NeuroAiD. He mentioned that NeuroAiD is a product that has been studied to help with recovery after stroke.

I asked him to send NeuroAiD to me to start the treatment since I also had a stroke. Fortunately and miraculously, and also thanks to the Creator, I began to feel better almost immediately because I have not suffered ANY MORE FALLS since then and to this day.

I am very grateful to Mr. Sergio Padilla because he called me and followed up on my treatment, helping me to feel well to date. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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