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Stroke improvements even after 2 years.

Cristina Martínez (Colombia)*

Mariela –NeuroAiD: Hello Cristina, this is Mariela, from NeuroAiD.

Cristina Martínez: Oh! Hi, Mrs. Mariela.

Mariela –NeuroAiD: How have your father been recently?

Cristina Martínez: Well, he knows that the drug has helped him a lot because he was without drugs for three months. Well, he is fine. He was able to walk normally, I thought he was going to decline or something but no, he did not.

Mariela –NeuroAiD: Ah! That’s great.

Cristina Martínez: Yes, I am very grateful. The drug had served him well. At that time I did not know about NeuroAiD, and my father was in bed – he did not get up or anything.

Mariela –NeuroAiD: Was he in bed for two years?

Cristina Martínez: Yes ma’am. And then we said “no, buy it!”. I went on the internet and purchased it. It has been a marvel with the results after taking NeuoAiD despite the long period of time that my father had been bed-ridden after suffering from the stroke without the drug.

Mariela –NeuroAiD: And is he suffering from ischaemic or haemorrhagic stroke?

Cristina Martínez: Haemorrhagic.

Mariela –NeuroAiD: Haemorrhagic… So, he started showing signs of improvement only after two years accompanied with the start of the treatment. And did he have any kind of adverse effect? Do you remember any kind of problem or intolerance?

Cristina Martínez: No, not at all, he was able to take the NeuroAiD very well, no adverse effect.

Mariela –NeuroAiD: Has it helped him at the level of the mobility part, emotional level, cognitive level?

Cristina Martínez: Well look, when he had the stroke, a vein on the left side of his neck burst and the doctor told my mother “It’s very serious”. The stroke was terrible but he was able to still remember us. However, he could not speak properly, and if he spoke, we were not able to understand him coherently. His mobility was affected greatly, his right hand and foot were useless. He could not walk and was just lying on the bed. He could not even sit himself down because he could not hold himself. The only thing the doctor did was to send him to physical therapy. That was absolutely useless. Well, he remembers things, but to a limited extent.

Mariela –NeuroAiD: Look at the improvement he had made, you don’t know how happy I am.

Cristina Martínez: I have a bicycle for him here and he gets on the bike to do 20 minutes of daily exercise. He only needs a little more time so that …

Mariela –NeuroAiD: He could improve what has remained pending.

Cristina Martínez: Yes, the only thing is that he does not go down the stairs, nor does he climb them. He still needs more practice and improvement in his mobility in that aspect. I think that one more year of drugs and it would be better.

Mariela –NeuroAiD: Ah! Excellent. The truth is that I am very happy about what you are telling me, I am glad to speak with you, we have not spoken for a long time.

Cristina Martínez: Oh! Me too.

Cristina Martínez: The only thing that worries me is to finish giving him the treatment so that he can regain his independence eventually.

Mariela –NeuroAiD: Sure, sure. It’s okay. Well, you already know that I am here to help you for whatever you need.


*Pictures are not the actual patients

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