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NeuroAiD is available in over 32 countries!

Moleac has developed multiple partnerships with companies sharing the same values and vision to deliver innovative solutions in each market and address medical unmet needs, particularly in post-stroke and post-traumatic brain injury recovery.

Our growing network of partners ensures the availability of NeuroAiD to an even greater number of stroke victims and victims of traumatic brain injuries worldwide but also patients experiencing cognitive decline.

Since 2006, NeuroAiD has expended its presence to over 32 countries and we still aim to make NeuroAiD available to more patients in need worldwide.

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Disclaimers:  NeuroAiD™ II is a trademark of Moleac. MLC601 and MLC901 are 2 different proprietary formulations which have been shown to be equivalent in pharmacology and are referred as NeuroAiD on this webpage.

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