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He was stiff and could not move his head or limbs

Inés Ospino*

Dear Sergio,

Special greetings for you and all your loved ones.

My boy, Juan Sebastián, has been improving very well and I am very satisfied with it. When he got discharged from ICU, his movements were very stiff as he was not able to move his head, lower and upper limbs.

I bought NeuroAiD and just within two months, I was able to see a lot of progress with his movements. He was able to move his legs and head bit by bit, and even reacting to his mother’s voice with his gaze. At this point, only his upper limbs’ movement seem to be quite restrictive but I know he will recover through my faith in god that this medicine will improve his current situation.

Thank you Sergio for keeping an eye on my child.
God bless you.

(This testimonial was originally written in Spanish and translated by the NeuroAiD team)


*Pictures are not the actual patients