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Liliana Elena Gil Cámara

This October, we are very happy to bring you the story of Rodrigo, an 8-year-old boy with neuronal damage in Mexico caused by hypoxia. His mother Liliana sends us these lines telling us how NeuroAiD together with her therapies is helping Rodrigo achieve very important changes for him and his family.

We hope you find hope and comfort in these testimonies.

Good afternoon:
I am going to share with you the experience with NeuroAiD regarding my son, Rodrigo.

In the fifth month of pregnancy, Rodrigo had heart failure, which (subsequently) caused hypoxia, delayed development, low muscle tone, attention deficit, language and other deficiencies. A genetic study revealed that it was a microdeletion in the chromosome. 8p23.1.

Rodrigo received different types of therapy and progressed very slowly until we started treatment with NeuroAiD. The change and progress were noticeable – his muscle tone improved by 90%, and his attention to the environment and receptive language were developing very well.

His therapists were surprised by how he progressed day by day, more than other children. The most surprising thing was that it was difficult for him to walk, and in a few months with NeuroAiD he was able to climb and descend stairs with more firmness in his legs and can hold a pencil. He likes to sing, knows the alphabet, multiplication tables, colors, etc.

I thank NeuroAiD for being fundamental in my son’s progress beyond medical expectations.

Blessings to all.

Liliana Elena Gil Cámara
Mother of 8-year-old Rodrigo Gabriel Caballero Gil

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