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Miguel Lopez

This month, we are happy to share the testimony of Miguel Lopez from Mexico, who shared the experience of his 84-year-old mother (José Leonor Perez) with NeuroAiD, after suffering from a cardiovascular accident. Shehas shown significant improvements in her recovery in just 5 weeks treating with NeuroAiD.

We hope you find hope and comfort in this testimony.

Hi Sergio,

I would like take this opportunity to share the changes that my mom had with Neuroaid treatment.Her name is José Leonor, she is 84 years old and suffered from a stroke affecting the right part of her body, leaving her immobile and speechless.
She started taking Neuroaid about a yearafter the accident, and 5 weeks into the treatment, I was able to see some improvements.

She is more awake and participative now. She was depressed and spent most of her time sleeping before the treatment.

The therapist who helped her with physiotherapy informed us that her right foot is firmer and she could stand and sit longer without losing her balanceShe also starts babbling, attempting to talk.
As I mentioned, she is more participative in changing her blouse, grabbing the spoon,wanting to eat on her own..

We are hoping that by the end of the 3 months, we can see more improvements and we are grateful to have the opportunity to share how much NeuroAid has helped my mom regain her health.
Thank you very much.

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