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Maria Sagrario Esparza

In this month of March, from the NeuroAiD team, we are very happy to bring you María’s testimonial from Spain. María shares a few lines with us about the case of her 54-year-old sister, who suffered a brain aneurysm, resulting in neuronal damage in her language area. Her sister has managed to progress in her language ability, demonstrating greater understanding in conversation and beginning to communicate.

We hope you find hope and comfort in this testimony.

Dear Miguel Cano,

My sister has been progressing little by little; she now understands almost everything that is said to her and even comprehends cross-talk, but does not speak. She does utter words but is not able to structure sentences to maintain a conversation. Nonetheless, she and I understand each other perfectly, thank God.

Regarding assistance, don’t worry because my sister receives follow-up from two neurologists, a neuropsychiatrist, two neuro-rehabilitators, two speech therapists, and an occupational therapist.

My sister continues to improve and NeuroAiD has been one of the building blocks of this important neuronal reconstruction. We cannot expect a sudden miracle because her language and communication area were destroyed. That is why we are happy with the progress she is making.

A cordial greeting,

— Mª Sagrario Esparza (Spain)

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