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Remberto Enrique Pérez Nieto

This April, we have the pleasure of sharing with you the testimony of Mr Remberto from Colombia , who suffered a Cerebrovascular Accident more than 3 years ago, which left his motor skills on the left side affected.

Remberto tells us how with 3 months of NeuroAiD combined with his rigorous therapies, hasgreat progress on him in some sequelae that seemed permanent.

Sergio and the NeuroAiD team, I greet you and express my gratitude for the progress obtained with your treatment for the disease that has afflicted me for 3 years. Treatment with Neuroaid has been very useful for my improvement to improve my physical condition damaged by an ischemic stroke

I informed them  that despite relieving me a lot, the treatment alone is not the panacea for stroke, it requires a very large dose of physiotherapy performed by a professional in the field.

I give you a brief comment on my illness, for many years I have suffered from hypertension and diabetes, these diseases caused ischemia that affected the left side of my body, both in the lower limb and in the upper limb, leaving me disabled up to 80% on the left side of my body.

I was with a Neurologist for two years, who told me to do physical therapy and if I did not ’recover in two years, I would have to learn to live with the consequences caused  by  ischemia.

After  two years which the doctor had given  me, I saw myself walking worse, it was in August when I prepared to buy the NeuroAiD pills which  I heard about for a long time. I was afraid that they would deceive me but  everything has gone wonderfully, from the first 10 days, I have seen my improvement reinforced with physiotherapy sessions.

I have no words to express my gratitude for these improvement.



— Remberto Enrique Pérez Nieto

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