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What price can you put on having your life back.

Mr. Michael Smart (UK)*

I can only agree TOTALLY with that testimony, My husband has made a fab recovery thanks to NeuroAid ! A month after he started I noticed an improvement, now a year down the line he has full use of his arm ( full strength is not in it yet ) but its coming back, his walk is FAR BETTER, the balance is great and he can now feed himself and make his own food without me watching over him. He can get into the bath / shower and manage himself. Big change from having to be lifted in and out one year ago. Personally I would advise ANYONE who is looking after a Stroke victim GO FOR IT !. Do not be brushed aside by all doctors tell you, Its your life, either the stroke gets you or YOU GET IT and for certain NeuroAid will assist you BIG TIME, but you must also push yourself to do things. You can take it alongside your medication as hubby did. YES its a bit pricey BUT WHAT PRICE CAN YOU PUT ON HAVING YOUR LIFE BACK. Should anyone wish to email me direct in the UK please feel free to do so. I have lived through every experience you are having and gosh its hard going. Be strong and fight back.

Maddie Smart


*Pictures are not the actual patients