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My Hand and arm are very stiff before but after Ive been taking this its really better...


Maija: Hello?

Michael: Hello! Im looking for Maija?

Maija: yes?

Michael: Hi! Maija! This is Michael. Im calling you from NeuroAiD the treatment for stroke.

Maija: Oh yes? I remember…

Michael: Hi Maija. The reason why we’re calling today is for our phone assesment for this month. We would like to know hows your condition? Are we seeing improvements? Can you tell me more about your condition?

Maija: Just a minute… Okay Well? How I feel? Hmmm… My hand and arms are very stiff before but after Ive been taking this its really better now… After taking 3 months of this NeuroAiD I think it improved 5-10%.

Michael: Okay… that’s good and how about your other disabilities? I remember you had memory issue before right? How is it now?

Maija: Its actually better… Its better. Yes! If we’ll put it to percentage I think Its 25% better.

Michael: 25%? Alright… How about your legs and your fingers?

Maija: It moved. Yeah! It moved but still not enough…

Michael: I see. Okay. Well, This is a good progress Maija! This is not bad at all! I want you to feel good about it. As you know you had a stroke way back 2010, its been 4 years.

Maija: Yes 4 years now.

Michael: Yes Maija. With incomes to stroke rehabilitation its more about the brain too. If We establish the connections back on the brain we may also expect for these improvement to even grow further.

Maija: Yes I know… I know… I hope so… and I still have stocks so ill see how I feel before the end of the month.

Michael: No worries. Just call us back if you need any assistance. Lets see about that.

Maija: I really appreciate it. Your company has been very good in understanding my condition.

Michael: Oh don’t worry! That’s actually our job description. I’m working on the Patients Care Department and its our job to hear out patients like you and help you out with your recovery.

Maija: yeah! Okay.. Thank you Michael!

Michael: Sure Maija! Thank you too for the time and goodbye!


*Pictures are not the actual patients