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I have significant improvement in my mobility of my left foot

Sergo Mesidor, New York, United States*

This month, we are very happy to share the testimony of Sergo Mesidor from United States, 54 years old, about his own experience with NeuroAID II after suffering from ischemia. He is already showing significant improvements in his communication and movement with NeuroAiD II.

We hope you find hope and comfort in this testimony shared by Mr. Sergo Mesidor.

Dear Sergio,

My name is Sergo Mesidor, I am a doctor. I had a Brain Vascular Accident (CVA). It was an ischemic accident in the right side of the brain, which left the left side of my body paralyzed. I found out about NeuroAiD a month after the stroke through the internet, without any advice from anyone I decided to try NeuroAiD. I tried one month in conjunction with my regular therapy. With my regular therapy sessions, I quickly realized that therapy alone was not enough. Hence, I decided to continue my NeuroAiD treatment month after month. To this day, I have almost completely recovered the mobility of my left foot. Of course, it does not work 100%, but it works much better. My right hand still doesn’t work so I use SAEBO FLEX every day, hoping to use it again in the future.

I wished I hadn’t stopped using NeuroAiD after the first month as that was a mistake. To date, I’ve been on NeuroAiD for almost ten months and I’m willing to continue the treatment with it for another couple of months.

I believe that NeuroAiD treatment works! It must be taken in conjunction with physical and occupational therapy. In my opinion, I think it is highly recommended to start treatment immediately after having a stroke.

I almost forgot the best part, my speech ability and language processes have also improved, since after the stroke my speech and language ability were very bad, but they have already improved.

Thank you and wishing everyone who suffered a stroke a good and speedy recovery.

(This testimonial from Liliana was originally written in Spanish and translated by the NeuroAiD team.)


*Pictures are not the actual patients

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