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Achieving positive changes in her quality of life

Ivanna Janethe*

This month, we are very happy to share the testimony of Ivanna from Colombia, who tells us about the NeuroAiD experience of her 65-year-old mother, Mariela. Mariela suffers from a cognitive disorder that affects her memory, behaviour and mood.

Ivanna tells us how her mother is achieving very positive changes in her quality of life after starting NeuroAiD treatment.

We hope that you find comfort and hope in this testimony.

Hello Sergio,

My mother has been living with me for about a month, this month I have been giving her NeuroAiD for about 20 days, 2 in the morning and 2 at night. It is noteworthy that we still do not have a medical diagnosis of my mom, but at home we have seen many small but very positive changes for us as a family.

Starting from the look on her face and being more active at home. Prior to taking NeuroAiD, she always looks sad and was sitting asleep. Now she likes to watch TV and could pick up her plate from her table, washes it and from time to time she sweeps the floor at home.

There are small details that we see how her improvement evolves, we also started in medical consultation and they sent her for medical tests, starting with the basic ones to find out if she has diabetes, and to know the reason for her short-term amnesia. They sent her for a CAT scan and we already did the tests. Now we are waiting for the doctor to get back to us on the results and refer her to a specialist doctor.

We would like to thank the NeuroAiD team, they are continuously monitoring their patients along the way even after the point of sale. Thank you very much and wishing you rain of blessings.

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