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Melissa Ortiz Lopez

This month, we are truly happy to share with you a story from Melissa Ortiz from Colombia whose mother suffered a haemorrhagic stroke. Her mother took 3 months of NeuroAiD ™ almost 2 years after her stroke and saw a significant recovery in her senses, concentration, balance and gait.

Here is the story of my mother and her experience with NeuroAiD.

My mother, Sonia López, had just turned 50 without any illness and had led a healthy life except for occasional stress. One day, she had a severe headache so we took her to the clinic immediately. The doctor said she had a haemorrhagic stroke and they performed cranial surgery to decompress her brain because the amount of blood she had could cause her brain to herniate and die. After the surgery, she was kept in an induced coma for 12 days where she woke up with facial paralysis and complete right hemiplegia. The cause was never known despite having been well studied.

She immediately began intensive neurological physical therapy. She exceeded expectations in the first six months of her recovery, but since then her movement was impaired and slowed due to the intense spasticity that afflicted her.

My mother was given botulinum toxin on 3 occasions and saw a temporary improvement in her spasticity. She has been on multiple conventional and biologic therapies that helped, but she has not seen any significant improvement even after a year since her stroke incident.

In the second year after her stroke, we came across NeuroAiD on the internet. Being cautious that it might not promise results, we ordered treatment for three months. After taking NeuroAiD for one and a half months, we began to notice improvements. My mum saw an almost complete recovery in her sensory functions, and improvements in concentration, balance and gait. Her movement is more fluid due to the reduced spasticity, and she hardly requires the cane anymore as her muscle strength has increased.

For this reason, my mother has decided together with her treating physician that she will continue taking NeuroAiD and she shares her experience with her contacts who may be experiencing the same problems.

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