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What is NeuroAiD™II?

NeuroAiD™II contains 9 herbal extracts that have undergone extensive research and development to enhance recovery for post-stroke rehabilitation and improve your quality of life.

NeuroAiD™II is an add on therapy for post-stroke rehabilitation*

These extracts found in NeuroAiD™II have been demonstrated to boost processes that control brain-body functions4, helping post-stroke patients undergoing rehabilitation achieve greater improvements in their daily activities5.

How to take NeuroAiD™II?

2 capsules, 3 times a day orally*
Recommended for a 3-month period*

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Disclaimers:  NeuroAiD™ II is a trademark of Moleac. MLC601 and MLC901 are 2 different proprietary formulations which have been shown to be equivalent in pharmacology and are referred as NeuroAiD on this webpage.

Find-out if NeuroAiD is right for you.

Leave your questions to our Customer Care team by clicking on the box below. Always seek advice from your physician.

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