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We are very happy to have found NeuroAiD

Maria (UK)*

We are very happy to have found NeuroAiD

Jaqueline Gobetti (Mexico)*

She had positive improvements with NeuroAID™II

Luis F. Morales*

She got improvement even after 15 years.

Marina Guerrero (Colombia)*

He can walk alone without help.

Sergio (Mexico)*

Before using NeuroAiD, I could hardly speak.

Félix Williams (Panama)*

She improved within 3 months.

Mario Jiménez’ (Mexico)*

Since she began taking it in December, the change is obvious.

Willis (Thailand)*

After one week of treatment, he started to smile again, was more aware of people around him and was able to better recognize his dear ones. He progressively started to chat with nurses and to achieve simple orders such as give the hand, raise your arm or play with the ball (a globe with which he used to do heads). He began to use the remote control to flick through the TV channels alone (all these improvements happened during one month only).

Martha Duarte (Paraguay)*

The Neurologist Doctor started giving him NeuroAiD.

Luis F Morales*